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Wycliffe Surgery Cattedown, PlymouthWycliffe Surgery Cattedown, PlymouthWycliffe Surgery Cattedown, PlymouthWycliffe Surgery Cattedown, Plymouth

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Construction of a new doctor’s surgery, PCT offices, dental surgery and associated external works.

Medicinq worked closely with all stakeholders during the early design stages to ensure all expectations were met. The building was constructed with a steel frame with precast concrete floors and blockwork external walls.

Procurement: LIFT
Value: £3.2m
Programme: 78 weeks

Vision: A new super surgery to be incorporated into a community village as part of a wider regeneration project of Cattedown.

Challenge: To find a suitable site within the regeneration area and to identify all user groups. Provide a building that is sustainable and value for money throughout its life.

Solution: Users and stakeholders interactions through a series of managed group session and enabled a suitable site to be identified. The centre therefore, reflects local primary care and patients requirements. All materials used in this project were vetted for their carbon footprint. Sustainability was a key objective of this project.

Benefit: The extra space on the new site allows the Trust to provide a range of services integrating the building within the community. The primary care centre also has a minor surgeries unit which allows the Trust to treat patients locally. The surgery has been catalyst to the development of the area.

Architect: Devereux Architects Ltd
QS: Cyril Sweett Ltd
Consulting Engineer: Jubb Consulting Engineers